He was the horror movie you watched alone. One you couldn’t bring yourself to talk about initially and brought you great despair. Every night he would come back to haunt you, to tear through your skin and leave marks that would only heal with time. He would encapture your mind completely and your body would remain still, focused only on his presence, his eyes, his body on yours. Breathing, heaving, panting and keeping you pinned down below all the while. He wouldn’t let you escape until he was done and then in the most random of moments come back for a rerun. And you, oh you were so lost in his doings, that the pain he struck on you became part of your undoing. You would obey his every command and let him unleash all his terrors on you. You would retell his stories to countless other who would fall prey to his acts and be equally satisfied when it was all over. Some may mock him, some may stay away from him due to fright, but you, you would go back to him to feel the rush of adrenaline, the goosebumps down your neck, the chill that would tickle down your spine reaching your toes. He was a horror movie, and no matter how much the memory of him would scare you for days on end, you would always go back for more.


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