on loss of a different kind

As a person struggling with mental illness, you often hear terms be used casually by people stating they suffer from the same and often mistakenly believe they understand your predicament. And so now you've overshared, hoping for a moment of bonding, to suddenly become something that people run away from. Something people use to undermine … Continue reading on loss of a different kind

Can we be friends?

Friendships. I've been thinking a lot about what it is to be someone's friend,as recently, I was thrusted into a situation that was extremely uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Starting from feeling like I was being rushed to feel the depths of emotion for a person that I didn't have, to feeling like I … Continue reading Can we be friends?

the feeling of joy

mystified by early mornings,i riseto the vast lonely airvisiting my room thattickles my ear,with her soft whispers of"look outside" and as ipeer out my window,i see nothing except-eyes; searching for what i had wished to see. leaving it behind,i run-embarrassed,by my eagerness,to find- yet i feel hercaress my neckasking me to trycalling for you,only for … Continue reading the feeling of joy

musings from this silly heart of mine.

i've found myself yearning for more than i have,but i think,its already passed me- as though it were the wind, from when i was a childdeeply afraidof what would happen tomorrow,that came,to shiver,and escape my tightening embrace. prickling my skin,as i run my nails,across,trying to soothe,an itch. i want more than i can fathom,more than … Continue reading musings from this silly heart of mine.

ramblings of a sad boi uwu lol

Trigger Warning: this poem is literally the ramblings of my very depressed and anxious mind and i talk about some life experiences such as being queer, the possibility of getting raped and the way my mental illness manifests within me, so please read with caution. i wish i was anyone but me often. someone who … Continue reading ramblings of a sad boi uwu lol

oh daydream, leave me alone.

memories of you fall in line,as songs we sang,fall to my lips,running down; hurried,only to become slowly stagnant. grasping one-two fingers,and finally my hand,a muffled heart squirming to gasp. how have you come to existence?and why must you go? i know it's known,but never has what is known,stopped one from hope. all ends reach their … Continue reading oh daydream, leave me alone.

wrote it thinking about you

sometimes love can't be emptied, no matter how parched- you can gasp, longingly, for reprieve. no matter how filled the jar, it refuses to leave. almost like gravity, has saved you from consuming me, or maybe, it saves me. it is almost insanity, but you can't have me, love has never guaranteed, access. but love … Continue reading wrote it thinking about you