Invincible by ♠️

I want to feel invincible,
Be my own light.

I want to feel impenetrable,
Never to feel contrite.

I want to be unstoppable,
Won’t ever crash into the night.

I want to be unbreakable,
Never to be broken by your sight.

I want to be invulnerable,
So you can never see me cry,

I want to be resilient,
The scars you left will never win the fight.

I want to be unforgettable,
I hope I cross your mind.

I want to be impervious,
Gravity won’t stop my flight.

I want to be indestructible,
So I’m leaving even when I long to be your delight.

I want to be invincible,
So I guess this is,


Hi, guys, I’m glad that you are reading my poem without further ado I would like to dedicate this poem to everyone who’s been called weak, who’s been oppressed consciously or otherwise. Who’s dealt with feeling vulnerable, broken, lost. Who’s battled depression, who’s battled ridicule, who’s had to deal with family or friends that made them feel a little bit less about themselves. I want you guys to know you matter and your self-worth starts right here from inside you. You are your greatest enemy and friend and when you can conquer your mind, believe me, you are LIMITLESS.

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