Peace; to you and me. by Prankul

I was afraid,
To lose

Cause if I lost her,
I’d lose everything I ever had.

It was her who kept me wanting to do more,
For us not me.

A day came,
She had the desires of other men
Seeking others attention,
Crushing mine.

I stuck to her,
An ant to her queen.

I cried nights,
She didn’t once
I accepted her flaws,  ( put strike through here)
She had none.

I fell from the 99th floor of love,
Dead was the loving part inside me
But she was the reason,
I didn’t want to give up so easily.

We came back to one another,
Stronger than before.

She made mistakes,
That were harder to ignore.

Imagine the love of your life being kissed,
by someone else.

Those were the days I was moving on from.
The days I never wanted to see.
All I can say now is, goodbye love.
I miss you


and me.


7 thoughts on “Peace; to you and me. by Prankul

    1. Hey sorry, I haven’t really been checking on my blog for a while.
      I’m fine, you could hmu on my email if you wanna talk.


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