Welcome to society by Arya Kamble

Welcome to society,
We hope you have an amazing stay,
We will try to break you down in unimaginable ways.
But we promise you’ll enjoy it no matter what anyone says.

Welcome to society,
Here we expect everything to be better and fresher,
The kids these days call it societal pressure,
Funny how we complied with all these unrealistic measures.

Welcome to society,
Take a left if you’re a woman,
We will fit you into our mold of beauty and expectations,
As we go on you’ll see, you’re worth 79 cents to a man’s single economy,

Welcome to society,
Take a right if you’re a man,
We promise to treat you like royalty,
Give you a pedestal and expect complete silence as a form of loyalty.

Welcome to society,
If you happen to be a child,
Do not expect to have a voice,
We took that away along with millions of mothers’ planned parenthood choice.

Welcome to society,
Hope this is what you signed up for,
You are free to do as you please,
As long as it satisfies our needs
you are supposed to live according to our beliefs,
Your happiness here tends to take the back seat.

Welcome to society,
Would you like a facelift or botox to add some flair?
You can turn us down but beware,
We won’t accept you unless you look pretty, petite and fair.

Welcome to society,
Here is where you will forget,
A safe home is, in fact, a priority,
A loving family separated due to lack of sobriety,
And your future a statistic for notoriety.

Welcome to society,
You will soon feel the burning heat along the cold freeze,
It’s all because we warm the Earth up to unimaginable degrees,
Burn the melting pot we call home for fashion and petty needs.

Welcome to society,
In this beautiful century,
We believe a broken hand has more value
Than a broken human being,
The brain is considered to have immunity,
Free from all forms of disease.

Welcome to society,
Here statistics are changed to favor our beliefs,
Politicians are crude towards different colors and use profanities,
Building a wall or breaking down a functioning economy.

Welcome to society,
By the time this poem is over,
Someone just like you and me,
Would have taken the exit because as you see,
Every forty seconds someone broken chooses to leave.


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