The Personality Catastrophe by lostjustlikeyou

Hello, people of this world! 

First off, I want to thank Snig, for giving me an opportunity to write a guest post for her blog, which is AMAZINGLY FABULOUSLY SUPER DUPER GOODLY FUN TO READ (excuse me, I’m still a kid). 

And now, I shall cut to the chase; I’m a normal 15-year-old girl living the clichéd teenager life with occasional moments of euphoria and anxiousness. And I, well, seem to have a ‘fluid’ personality; I’ve always been a person who changes herself hoping to impress others, hoping to fit in and it’s like I’m two different people. But, between these personalities I know, at heart, that I’m a genuine person but sometimes it’s hard for me to understand who I really am, it’s hard for me to understand who I really am.

And I know (I hope), I’m not the only person like this: most teenagers have fluid personalities, we’re always in some way or another hoping,-trying- even wishing that we fit in-fit in into the so-called ‘normal’ category of teenagers our society has crafted.

In this age, where all, each one of us, are not only controlled by but also enslaved to this newly-found world of social media, it is indescribably hard to be our raw unfiltered selves. So we all conveniently change ourselves in accordance to the whims and fancies of our society and social media world, which has constructed barriers, crafting an image of ‘perfect’ in the young naive souls, the teenagers.

It has led them to believe there is something called perfection, that it is possible to be liked by everyone, that it is possible to be ourselves and get no hate for it. And, to some extent, we can be perfect but we all have our flaws, or at least I have mine.

For me, I never talk about my flaws or my emotions at all; I’m the type of person who wants to help others but keeps her problems to herself. But I know I should embrace my flaws, and be glad to be the way I am, even if I’m obnoxious and annoying at times. 

And everyone’s always saying, we should be ourselves, that we should embrace our uniqueness, but how-how can you expect us to do that when we are made uncomfortable for our differences?

How can we be raw and unfiltered when we are called out for being different, for dressing differently?

For having different opinions on controversial topics?

For having a different sexual orientation?

To conclude, we with society and social media have constructed an image of perfection, of a person who everyone likes, like a model or an athlete. Someone who we think is perfect, who has a ‘perfect’ skinny body, who has billions of friends, who we would basically want to trade lives with.

We all want to be extraordinary but we all seem to want to be ‘ordinary’ first. 

We all want to be unique, but first, we want to be ‘normal’.

We all want to be beautiful on the inside, but first, we want to be pretty on the outside.

We all want to be open-minded, but we choose to judge others.

We all want to be extraordinary but we all seem to want to be ‘ordinary’ first.  

And we can thank ourselves, our society, and our addiction to social media for this catastrophe.


Lostjustlikeyou is a beautiful writer and the ability she has to pen down her thoughts in such a concise yet still engaging manner is a true talent. To check out more of her work, and I’m definitely asking you to, you can find it here.



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