Wildflower by Anoushka

If I had to be compared to a flower
I’d have a strange choice
I wouldn’t want to be delicate and ethereal
I have got better things to voice
I can be beautiful, but that’s collateral right?
I’d prefer to be perennial
Rather than out of sight, out of mind.

I am shades of blue and shades of red
And everything in between
Why waste my life in one color?
When I can be so vivid and evergreen

I don’t want to adjust, I want to prosper
In every terrain, every season, every second
Invade every challenge and come out the victor
Break a thousand times and a thousand times mend.

You will weed me out when I try to sustain
Because harm mustn’t befall your precious garden of roses, lilies, and sunflowers
From this wayward growing pain
And I’m fine with it, it’s alright
You’ve got your priorities, I’ve got mine

But just when you think I’m gone
Peek over that rock and look over at the creek
And right there
(maybe in a different color)
you’ll again find me

Roses were always too exotic,

too delicate,

too attractive,

too mainstream.

So I’ll be moving to the sidelines,
be a little wildflower
(simple yet resilient)
and dare to dream…


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