Maybe I loved you more by Anjali

Maybe I loved you more…

Maybe all the conversations we had meant more to me that they did to you.
Maybe you said “I love you too” because that’s the reply to “ I love you”
Maybe you didn’t feel the happiness and satisfaction that I felt.

Maybe I wasn’t enough for you.

And maybe,

We weren’t meant to be.

All the chances I gave you,
(you didn’t deserve)
All the tears that rolled down my cheek,
(weren’t worth enough).

I loved you more than words can say
and I feel broken,
parts of me physically ache.

of course,
have no idea how much I felt.

how hard it was for me to pretend
like I’m alright
That I’ll go on with my life.

I wasn’t alright.

Every night,
the duvet soaks up my tears
the walls hear me sob.

Every morning I’d smile and say hello to you.

There was no one I could talk to,
No place to go.

But talking to you now,
Makes me realize how much of the person I loved is gone.

All the things I fell for have vanished.

All the feelings you gave me,


All you,
but nothing similar.

Now it’s just some guy who looks like you and

some girl who used to love.



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