Shree Shetty

Everybody’s life is falling apart; not yours, not his, everybody’s. The thing is, you don’t need to be told this. You KNOW this. Then why don’t you behave like you know it?

Why do you have to be reminded that everybody goes through their ups and downs? Why do you have to be reminded that they don’t care because sometimes, they just can’t? They have their own matters to deal with.

That being said, let’s talk about opinions. Your opinion, my opinion, their opinion, our opinion. In our daily lives, we talk about how his/her opinions are wrong; and the thing is, their opinions aren’t even wrong.

Because opinions are never wrong!

There’s a difference between opinions and thoughts. Let me enlighten you.

Thoughts don’t need a cause. Thoughts are the information in your head that you receive and decide whether to withhold or let go. In simple words, they are propositions that form in your mind. They can be right or they can be wrong.

Opinions are propositions that depend on you and not the facts that you’ve received. Opinions are basically beliefs and there is no proof that beliefs are wrong. They can’t be wrong because it’s personal and completely up to the individual. Opinions begin with a cause and continue to remain unlike thoughts that just pass by.

While thoughts are static, opinions are passive.

Now that we’re clear with the definitions of thoughts and opinions, let’s delve into something a bit deeper and relatable.

To bully or to put down a person just because of their opinion is getting redundant in 2018. In this year, we have obviously, already established that no two people are the same. Their thoughts, their opinions, aren’t the same.

‘Chocolate ice cream contains chocolate in it.’

That’s a thought and it’s right.

‘I don’t like chocolate ice cream.’

Now that’s an opinion and it can’t be wrong.

They just don’t like chocolate ice cream.

Just the way they don’t like it when you touch them without their permission. Exactly like the way they don’t like it when you touch their things. And if they don’t like it then you don’t do it. Because it’s their opinion and they aren’t wrong.

‘It’s just your hand, why can’t I touch it?’

‘It’s just a pencil, you weren’t there so I took it.’

No, it’s not about ‘just a this or just a that’.




It’s about how much you respect them.

It’s about how accepting you are of other people’s opinions.

It’s less about them and their opinions and more about you and your opinions.

Shree Shetty is an avid writer, usually found ranting about things that have caught her attention. To quote what her blog says “ She expresses what we cannot say”. You can find her work on her blog; The Inexplicable Things. To contact her use this link.

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