She sat for endless hours, quietly, in a corner in her bedroom. Darkness enveloped her and the soft tune of sounds of silence began to play in the atmosphere. Only to be overlapped by the next tune to the next tune until it was just loud intense noises of depression. Screams of the Black Veil Brides, beats of Imagine Dragons, the vulnerability of One Republic and the longing of Ed Sheeran. Until she finally found one, that spoke true to her heart. With a sudden burst of energy, all the other waves of music fell from the air. Making little taps of noises as they hit the floor and then in the deafening silence that remained, her soft voice stuttered out the lyrics. And with each line, apathy began to crumble. Melancholy came through the barricades, alongside it’s best friend, pessimism. Misery and despair intertwined, giving birth to both anxiety and depression. Her heart beat slow and loud, her voice still soft, yet emotions loud. And as tears gushed down her face, her voice cracked. Hands shivering, she took a deep breath in and continued. As her voice hit the final note, the tears had stopped, and her heart, it didn’t ache. With a slight shift in her position, she went back to sitting quietly in a corner in her bedroom, for endless hours.


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