Letting it loose

Day NO. 7301,
20 years,
Phone calls none,
Do you even speak,
About me,
Like I speak,
About you,
Said it was gonna be forever,
But now I can’t even remember,
If your favorite color,
Was red, green, or blue,
I always knew,
You’d forget me too,
Like the others,
Who’d come and gone,
I was just a pass time,
But you became a song,
A song stuck in my head,
Making me feel nostalgic,
Making me reminisce,
About days that were full of shit,
Shit you said so I’d be swayed,
Shit you never really meant to say,
Kissed boys,
And center,
Hoping one,
Would make me forget ya,
But you got my mind imprinted,
With your memory,
Stuck in a void,
No one else can see,
Take a few puffs,
Room’s closing on me,
Feeling sick,
I can’t even breathe,
Close my eyes,
I think I’m falling asleep,
But even in my dreams,
You haunt, scare me,
With reminders of your light touches,
That made me go weak,
Your kisses on my mouth,
And cheek,
I wish I could leave,
But I don’t even know,
Where I can find me,
I’ve just become this,
Person I always diss,
Cause all that you gave to me,
You took it away,
Negativity was all,
You asked to stay,
With me,
As you continued to move on,
Stuck in this cell,
No one can hear my voice,
I let down my walls for you,
Let you carve out my flaws,
And now I’m shaking,
Cause I’m all out,
Of secrets to give out to you,
For you to manipulate,
To make me feel used,
Yet somehow for some reason,
I’m still in love with you,
And all I be thinking,
Is if you,
About me,
The way I speak,
Of you.
Day No. 7302,
Here comes another day,
I’ll waste on you.


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