“What I am” by Nayana Nair

I am a girl
who feels like a girl
but doesn’t want to act like one.

Who is not sure
whether this want of not complying to the expectation
is an act of rebellion
or trying to stay true to my nature

or just a result of an unconscious realization
that being a girl and being a person
are mutually exclusive.

I am a girl who is afraid of being anything
that can be judged,

who cannot understand
how people live every day
surrounded by
that is not spoken out,

surrounded by compliments
that always has a low key noise
in the background,

a noise of mocking laughter-
that I have heard too many times
not for me
but for others.

This artist is a crazy girl with tons to talk about. She is 24 and has a passion for all things music, psychology and literature related. AVID FAN OF BTS (if you don’t know who they are, what are you living under a rock). Conversations with her often turn into monologues and even though she doubts her talent in poetry, I would most definitely call her a poet. You can find her work on It rains in my heart . You can contact her on twitter @slingtheink and @webecame 



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