About me

Hello internet

My name is Snig.

This blog is me ranting or expressing myself in ways I seem to be able to do so.
You will see happy posts, sad posts, though the latter is more majorly seen.

Apart from that, I post short stories and sometimes rant about just how unfair the world can be and well I’m trying to do my own little part in educating and helping the world.

Hopefully, you enjoy my random bursts of expression. Not everything I express here is actually happening to me so don’t get to stressed out if you see something really troublesome.

If any of you feel this way or relate to me that you know you are not alone in this world and that if you need someone you can email me and imnotsureaboutthis4@gmail.com.

If you’d like to know more about me there are posts that specifically that tell you about such things, such as:

I hope you’re proud.

Safe Haven

I’m an ace.

My gender flows: Genderfluidity

So yea, thank you for being here and much love for your support.

Disclamer- Most pictures in use are not my own and I do not take any credit for them or receive any profit from them.


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