Little Hopeful Voice

She’s strong,
But only so much,
Before she crumbles,
Into dust,

She’s strong,
But she has me,
A fighter,
For when she needs me to be,

She’s strong,
But things hurt her,
Happier memories,
I’ll make her remember,

She’s strong,
But not just for herself,
An unhealthy weight she carries,
If only she’d let me help,

She’s strong,
But slowly fading,
She’s going to a place,
Where there is no escaping,

She’s strong,
But I fear for her sanity,
I need to find her,
Bring her back to reality,

She’s strong,
But sometimes she needs help,
I’m right here beside her,
Prepared to battle any pain she has felt,

She’s strong,
But I need to leave,
I’ve done all I can for her,
She is now who she will be,

She’s strong,
I watch from afar,
But till then,
My mind palace,
Is far too dark.

She’s strong,
But I’m no longer needed,
I’m the one fading,
Out of existence.

She’s strong,
And I slowly slip away,
It’s a sacrifice made happily,
I have no reason to stay,

She’s strong,
And so I,
Her hope for something better,
Can take a back seat,
And become a trend setter,

She’s strong.


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