" Broken things are the empitome of beautiful, they create beautiful pieces of
 art, they act the kindest to people, their genorisity begins to baffle
 anyone else that knows them." But how rare is that broken things become beauty,
 it is far more evident that broken things remain broken and break others with 
it. Far more prominent are the tales of broken things associated with criminals 
and yet within seconds becoming broken became the next big phenomena,
 the next most glamorous thing to be. I understand that we need to remove the 
stigma that mental health has become associated with, but if I told you someone 
had cancer, would you to want to have cancer. Would you want to act like you had
 cancer? No. Cause that would make you a psychopath,you would be disrespectful 
and be creating a mockery out of people who actually suffer from cancer. You 
would have to be some sick sort of human being to want to do anythin like that 
and in the very same fashion you are a sick human being if you think it's ok and 
it's cool to fake having a mental illness. And to you I say,fuck off. 



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