2022 Update

In the years that my life seemed to be getting on better tracks, I’ve left this blog to die. I felt like I had told and retold all versions of my pain and on a journey of what was a more healthier life this blog would not hold a strong place, mostly because this became a place where I was craving for the social approval of so many other people on the internet.

The identity so strongly attached to this blog was one of a depressed teenager trying to find their way in life, find purpose, how was I, a mostly healed adult (ew can’t believe I’m an adult) supposed to continue writing here in a way that catered to “the audience” I had acquired thus far.

I was wrong, this blog was always about being a place to journal, to write what I couldn’t fully process and hope that maybe someone else out there seemed to understand, or at the very least granted me a one stop all information processor for the people in my life to know what was going internally, because I far too often fail to express it to them in real life.

To be honest, even as I write this I wonder how presumptuous and arrogant it is of me to believe that anyone is truly reading this because they used to read my posts before and have been waiting for an update of sorts.

To summarize, I suppose this is my reaffirmation to the internet that adult snig still has shit to say, to seemingly no one and everyone and will probably find more time to devote to those causes, to pen those thoughts down on the interwebs.

To anyone new here, or reading for the very first time, HEYYYYYYYY BICHES WASSUP!
Welcome to this blog of mine, as you may note from the domain, I think of myself as an alien or a GOD (Hello GOD COMPLEX), I’m kidding (noimnot) Yes I am (maybe?)

Okay cool bye, this was just a little random update I wanted to put out here along side another post that will hopefully be the first of many to come. OKAY COOL BYE.


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