I’m an ace.

Hello, internet.

So I’ve been writing and rewriting this post over and over again because I guess when you’re part of a community that is constantly fighting for its rights to love and just be, there is some sort of pressure to be saying the right things because you don’t want to misrepresent.

But you know what, this is about my feelings and my sexuality so tbh no one can really tell me what I’m supposed to or not supposed to feel, so here goes nothing.

I am a panromantic asexual.


Ok yay, done.

Just kidding.
I still got a whole lot more to say.

So, you’re probably wondering wtf a panromantic asexual is and I promise you, it is not an alien species trying to take over this world.

What I’ve just told you is how I identify my romantic and sexual orientation.

So let’s break down it further:

An asexual. Someone who does not experience sexual attraction.
Does this mean I will never have sex in my life? NO.

In fact, there are many asexuals who both enjoy and actively participate in doing the bow chicka wow wow.

But there are also asexuals who don’t, that just who we are.
Crazy bunch really.

We are often associated with eating a lot of cake, and well I don’t know about the rest of us but man do I love some cake and I will eat as much as I effing can.

(Pseudonym this was not the point. Right. ok.)

To make things a little clearer about asexuality here is two pictures that may clarify some of your doubts:



Screenshot (117)

Now to the second part of the statement I made: Panromantic.

A person who is panromantic can and does feel romantic attraction towards a person, regardless of their gender or sex. And yes those are two different things.

So when I say I’m a panromantic asexual, I’m pretty much saying I love everyone but I do not feel sexually attracted to any of you.

It isn’t a lifestyle choice, it is who I am as a person.

Celibacy and Abstinence from sex are lifestyles choices.

Now you’re probably wondering how did you, a young child who has just turned 18, figure this out about yourself and to that I say, you kinda just know.

There are some things about yourself that you just always have felt and known to be true.

Me identifying as an asexual and panromantic was the same.

Somewhere a part of me has always questioned the notion of being straight, I’ve always asked whether or not it would be still considered a straight relationship if the guy I was dating had a vagina, or if the girl I was dating had a dick and now with a lot of figuring and reading up, I’ve realised it doesn’t matter if it’s straight or not.

Because there is a whole group of people that feel the same as me.

The next question that usually follows, but if you haven’t done anything sexual how do you know you won’t like it.


It’s not a matter of if  I will like doing something sexual, it’s just I do not feel sexual attraction for anyone and it’s very hard to explain the whole concept of not feeling sexual attraction, but still, like having sex or being sexually intimate with my partner.

Because to people who are straight the feeling is the same, they are sexually attracted and so they want to be sexually intimate so trying to make them comprehend why I would be in a situation where I’m sexually intimate with my partner is hard.

To them it’s an if you don’t want it then why would you be anywhere near it type of situation, which well, is quite understandable.

But for me those two things are different and that’s just that.


Well, that was my weird rambling session and I’m sorry for any grammatical errors and blahbity blah. I’m just really happy and excited to get this out there.





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