while I stare at the ceiling by Aanavi

Recently, I have been dealing with many questions about where I see myself being in the future. About to start my second year at university in a different continent, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to two very distinct worlds. All throughout my life I have been acquainted with people belonging to many different … Continue reading while I stare at the ceiling by Aanavi

The Personality Catastrophe by lostjustlikeyou

Hello, people of this world!  First off, I want to thank Snig, for giving me an opportunity to write a guest post for her blog, which is AMAZINGLY FABULOUSLY SUPER DUPER GOODLY FUN TO READ (excuse me, I'm still a kid).  And now, I shall cut to the chase; I'm a normal 15-year-old girl living … Continue reading The Personality Catastrophe by lostjustlikeyou

Welcome to society by Arya Kamble

Welcome to society, We hope you have an amazing stay, We will try to break you down in unimaginable ways. But we promise you'll enjoy it no matter what anyone says. Welcome to society, Here we expect everything to be better and fresher, The kids these days call it societal pressure, Funny how we complied … Continue reading Welcome to society by Arya Kamble