There are days that can go by, Things you forget, And even though the guilt is overwhelming, Believe that it is for the best. They can never die, The memory of their existence will never fade, But honey, Give yourself some leeway. You've got a life to live, A life to enjoy, A life to … Continue reading Goodbye.


My gender flows: Genderfluidity

Hey internet, I've been off this blogosphere for a while because well life has been pretty hectic and I've been just absorbed in work and then self-care. In this time, I've become far more comfortable with my gender, even though there are a lot of things that I still have to work out. But well … Continue reading My gender flows: Genderfluidity

while I stare at the ceiling by Aanavi

Recently, I have been dealing with many questions about where I see myself being in the future. About to start my second year at university in a different continent, I’ve had the privilege of being exposed to two very distinct worlds. All throughout my life I have been acquainted with people belonging to many different … Continue reading while I stare at the ceiling by Aanavi

Is TIME the answer?

A story by Samyak Shah “Samay Samay Balwaan, Nahi Manushya Balwaan” - Mahabharat Whenever we are faced with a problem, wherein you're unable to find a solution at the moment, people often tell you that you need to 'give it time' and 'time will solve everything'. That, somehow, made sense because acceptance of a particular … Continue reading Is TIME the answer?