beauty and the beast

in the fear of repetition
i sit paralyzed-
with the dim light of my laptop,
an old friend comes to host.

a muse so old,
my bones ache for their touch,
their presence;
a second home.

in the aftermath of our last visit,
i stood bruised,
but alone.
oh my childhood companion,
when’d you turn into a foe?

for years we shared the same desires,
the same look on this bleak night.
a shared vow for our future-
one that never came to sight.

tell me,
my cherished love,
was it i who changed,
if so, could you forgive me,
encase me in your embrace.

let me forget the woes of this world,
hold me in your arms as i sleep,
for once again
i lay here,
with not a single tear left to weep..

and when the promise of a new tomorrow,
comes with the early light,
take me deeper into my sorrow,
so i see it as twilight.

leave the change i knew behind me,
let the child cry it’s pain,
i long no more for its wounds,
to play a burden on my brain.

take me with you my sweet darling,
take me with you this time-
i swear.
for a vow left unanswered,
is one waiting to be caught by the air.

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