musings from this silly heart of mine.

i’ve found myself yearning for more than i have,
but i think,
its already passed me-

as though it were the wind, from when i was a child
deeply afraid
of what would happen tomorrow,
that came,
to shiver,
and escape my tightening embrace.

prickling my skin,
as i run my nails,
trying to soothe,
an itch.

i want

more than i can fathom,
more than

i can ever admit

to want to want.
to want


and grasp it.

hurriedly shoving,
it inside,
be mine, stay mine.

and if you can’t

allow me to at least graze your cold.

for as
finger tips froze
in the mid air.

i find myself
not where i wish to be,


to breathe
the warmth

where imagination let me see,



life in the limbo of having no ambition but all the desire.


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