i sit in my room,
looking out my window,
the building in the distance,
has sun shining its warmth on them.
while my room,
it sits in the dark,
wishing for her kiss too.
i kiss her too, 
in the laziness of summer, 
watch her eyes flutter, 
flecks of gold,
remind me of a love i have yet to know.

what words fail to say,
i have failed at showing. 
what words wish to explain, i lose my voice, to convey.

why are you so far away, so distant, so slow, so scarce
can't wonder if you even know i'm out there.

for days i dream about your smile;
rising up your face
from you lips,
to your cheeks,
ending at tiny crinkles by your eyes.

and when i struggle to do nothing but hide,
you climb through the aisles, standing high,
screaming for the boy you like,
 i could die-
the light dims,
and the fluorescence hurts my eyes,
where have you gone?
where am i?
-sitting in a room lusting for light


6 thoughts on “light

  1. I love this. You’ve got a nice blog. I will definitely follow and keep bouncing back😅😅keep up the great work! You are very wonderful

    Anyways, I hope you are doing wonderfully well?!?😃

    It’s an honor to be here 🙇 . I hope I can make good friends with you💐


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