wrote it thinking about you

sometimes love can’t be emptied,
no matter how parched-

you can gasp,


for reprieve.

no matter how filled the jar,
it refuses to leave.

almost like gravity,

has saved you from consuming me,

or maybe,
it saves me.

it is almost insanity,
but you can’t have me,
love has never guaranteed,


but love does delude one into thinking it does,
it let’s one shatter.

don’t leave.

that’s all this love yearned for,

not to be lonely.

but oh how freeing it is to be with just me,

my heart.
my soul.
my body.

tire of being we,
this love is temporary.
a wish to be
left alone.


burn me.
ashes become me.
you won’t be the first,
the last




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