Just Sharing.

Hey internet!

I’ve had a particularly weird day, I was clearing out my phone and I came across photos that were from another period of my life.

A period I had stopped thinking about but every so often it comes back to memory, a period of time that was extremely monumental into making me who I am today.

It’s weird to think that period of time was just a couple of years back when it feels like it’s been a millennium, but after a very long time, I’ve been able to look at this part of my life with not just guilt, anger, sadness, but with nostalgia.

Nostalgia because I am finally secure enough in the current life I’m living to admit that even when I felt like everything in my life was going wrong, I was happy. I had people who made me happy.

I can admit that there are things about that life that I do miss.

It’s strange.

A lot of people in my life now, don’t remember that time or don’t even know what that time was like, they only know of it because I’ve shared it and so it becomes easier for them to criticise the people and the events that happened.

But it’s harder for me to do, I love the people that I no longer talk to because of everything that happened, I have memories, shared secrets, conversations till the early morning, goofy singing, ugly photos, videos and pictures aplenty of us being just people who loved one another.

I know how things ended, I know why it needed to end.

But sometimes I can’t help but just want to talk to all of them again, to be friends again, to have those connections we built be the same as they were then.

To still be each other’s backbones and confidants, instead of Instagram followers that watch one another grow from a distance.

To be able to drop them a text even now just to check in, to know they are fine, to be able to talk if they aren’t.

It’s just my old little heart believing everything can be fixed.

But maybe we need a couple more years before either one of us can try,

Would either one of us even want to?

Would we even remember then or will it take another day of decluttering our phones to reminisce about an old friend?

An old family

I don’t know.


12 thoughts on “Just Sharing.

  1. Indeed. It’s very painful when circumstances force us to drift apart from our friends. But sometimes, we are just using these circumstances as an excuse to avoid seeing meeting them again, because they might have changed or maybe we won’t connect like we used to.
    It really is difficult to decide when to move on ahead. We should take our time with this.
    What hurts is when they decide to move on WITHOUT telling us. We feel betrayed.
    But alas, life goes on. Explore this beautiful world, find more people. Whatever you’re going through, you will stumble and find your way. And you will reconnect with your friends again, too.

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    1. Thank you so much for leaving your comments and you’ve brought up an entirely different perspective as well, it is hard when they move on without telling us. Thank you for you hope that I will reconnect with my friends again someday. ❤

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  2. This is a constant question we ask when we look back at lost friendships and connections, we hope that things can go back to being normal, but only few people get that chance to being normal with the past. Who knows you may or may not get it.

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    1. Thank you so much for actually commenting and sharing your views. It is strange how hopeful we become about things in our past over time, even though we know why things ended the way they did.

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      1. Your words struck chord with me 🙂 couldn’t resist commenting 🙂 and True 🙂 I think its this hope that keeps us going 🙂 sometime this kind of hope make us feel ok with our present and help us overlook the past 🙂

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        1. I agree, but don’t you feel it is also this same that can lead to us always feeling like there was another life we should have lived?

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              1. I sometime wrote back a poem on the what ifs 😦 to lighten up the lit burden inside my heart 😀 I hope writing this piece makes your heart bit lighter 🙂

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