Hell All Along by F Society

It is what moves us forward, in our lives.
It is both peril and protector.
It teaches us to lift our heads up for the next day, only to remind us that we should never rely on it alone.
But lately, it’s influence is waning, its power seeping away in slow, ebbing waves.
The world is not what it seems to be.
Wars are no longer fought in the battlefields but through publicity stunts and Twitter rhetoric.
Love, in any shape or form, is a commodity.
Whether it’s love for your best friend or family, it’s all slowly dripping away.
I look around and I see,
no longer the youthful attitudes of Faith
but the dark unrelenting hand of Fear.

The world is dying, and it’s all our fault.

But who’s really to blame?
Is it us?
Did we elect this outcome?
With our wealth and taxes?
Did we submit to this?
With our decaying bodies craving for “just one more”?
Or is it the underlying sense of doubt that invades our souls,
brought on by none other than “other people”?
Is it our hesitance to accept those different from us simply because we
“don’t think they should be like that”?
Perhaps its the inevitable sense that everything is dying, maybe we do know .
All we know is that it can’t be us or our family, it’s got to be someone else!?
But I bet my bottom dollar we’re just too fucking scared to do anything about It.
I look around I see despair, sadness, and gloom.
We’ve truly gone and screwed it up.
I can’t tell if we are even worth saving at this point.
Maybe this is destined.
Maybe we could never escape this.
They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was making mankind believe that he didn’t exist.
I have a different theory.
Maybe, he just made us believe that there was an alternative to him.
Maybe we were in hell all along.
We were just to blind to see it

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