me too.


every single one of us.

Things we say,
We do,
We don’t
We are.


Yet sometimes context is just –

that person is a stranger and this is my friend and I know my friend, my friend would never, but that stranger is someone else’s friend and if their friends say no it’s just not possible, my voice openly speaks out on how I would always stand with the victim.

But do you?

It’s not our fault, it’s human.

protect our own, believe our own.

But aren’t we all human.

no, we are groups of society within a society.

again, human

yet it leaves little room for humanity,

for those that don’t constitute my society,
my family groups.

and for all the talk I hear from people,
about how much is wrong,
how so sadly often,
are these the people to turn on me,
on her, on him, on any single one us,
when we become the victim,
and we finally choose to speak out.

Healthy skepticism is required,
Words I too, have thought often.

But how, how could I possibly be a skeptic,
How could I think someone would do this for the fame,
The sympathy,
The pity,
When there could possibly be nothing more degrading,
As this situation.

To finally want to talk about the perpetrator,
To tell someone right away,
Yet only to be defamed,
For taking your attackers name.

we can’t let the victim take the blame,
but we do.
while we know people in our lives,
who are a part of




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