Depression 3.0

They could never see,
The world
that you lived in,

For to see this world,
your eyes had to be open,
Turned broken,

Close your eyes,
And you’d find yourself,


To try and find warmth in,
your new home.

Deserted but cold and,
Don’t know where
You’re going,

Upset and heartbroken,
Just wishing to be woken,

They say that you’re frozen,
I say that you’re molding,

Causing a snap in the brain,
Here I go back again,
To a world that spirals,
Causing me to feel insane,
But you’re out of your breath,
Out of your senses,
Out of your will to survive,
These months and

You stop.

take one last breath,

and stop.

take one last look,

and stop,





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