It’s hard.
The first couple of times you fall down,
It’s hard,
Your mind plays you,
Makes you wonder if you even know the way back up,
Because this is a road you have never witnessed up close,
It’s one you’ve heard of,
In hushed whispers,
That makes its way around the corridors,
It’s one you’ve heard of,
In movies,
Where the sensual heroine,
Smokes and drinks,
With hazy eyes,
As her story is showcased as a tragedy,
The first couple times you fall,
You don’t know where you’re going,
But the worst is that,
Soon this road can seem like the wonderland,
That this Alice was made for.

Soon you’re not falling anymore,
Like Stockholm Syndrome,
This manipulative cage,
With it promises,
And charming allure,
Makes you fall in love,
With being in this safe isolated hole,
It keeps you warm in the chilly nights,
Or so it will have you believe,
But in reality,
It’s why the chill even comes to be,
Yet it doesn’t matter anymore,
For you have found home.

It takes mountains to move,
And pigs to fly,
For it to strike,
That maybe,
This isn’t the best place for you to be,
It takes friends to leave,
And family to drift away,
For it to hit,
That you are the one who has made yourself alone.

And at first,
It will con you into believing,
That it was up to them to make you ok,
It was up to them to save you,
If you are in a dark hole,
You need your knight in shining armor,
To sweep you off your feet,
And pull you back up,
From this well,
That has been dug too deep,
But what you must realize,
Is that you entered this Wonderland as Alice,
And must now continue this journey as Alice did,
With only yourself to hold.

This Realisation,
Can lead to self-depreciation,
An emotional breakdown.
You’ll begin to wonder,
When did this become the familiar,
When did you substitute this to be the norm,
But move past it, my love,
Instead, work, hustle,
Make your way out,
Gather your wits and your logic,
And cut down the words that you’ve been taught,
Yes, You’ve fallen,
But if Satan can rise from his Hell,
You can rise from yours.

And when you make it out there,
Back into the arms of the ones you had lost,
Happiness will surround you,
And you will realize your hard work wasn’t for naught,
You may fall again,
For this Wonderland will forever exist,
But with a little faith, trust and pixie dust,
You will climb, again.







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