a choice.

The act of choosing between two or more possibilities.

Occurs at any given moment in the life of every individual.

a choice, (it is said), can make or break you.

bad choices,

good choices,

every human makes them,

and we either fly

or we learn

all simply,

from a choice.

to let negativity be a part of who you are,

is a choice.

to let you bad choices be the base of your soul,

is a choice.

a choice,

you make,

nothing else.

a choice,

we, as humans,

avoid taking the blame for.

because if you are a negative person,

it is genetics,

it is your social surroundings,

it is just who you are,

but it’s not,

it really isn’t,

it’s a choice.

a choice you are hesitant to admit you have made,

and a choice that you are unwilling to let go off.

but fear not,

for since it is a choice,

a choice you make,

you can always choose,

to make another choice.

a choice to think differently,

a choice to stop blaming,

a choice to instead,

be positive.

a choice to instead,

work hard on yourself,

a choice to instead,

care about what you can do for yourself.

a choice to be better,

and make this choice easier,

for others as well.

after all a choice

can make or break,




or them.

a choice.




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