Red to Blue

I was 10 when they first found me,
Locked inside my own insecurities,
It was bound to end badly.

Threats and promises,
Led an angered kid,
To enter a world,
That was far from the right fit.

Blood, fists and gory,
She wasn’t looking for glory,
A way,
To self-inflict,

But elude the blame.

Red eyes,
Blood spilling,
Fists swelling,
Voices yelling,
But satisfaction,
It did not bring.

This world she now
Began to abhor.

Distanced herself,
More and more,
But in a family like this,
Well you never really could quit,

Hunted; I became,
I was their new game,
In their eyes I was wrong,
And even though I was strong,
They found me,
Took me,
In the worst ways,

Lost were those close to me,
Because of my choices,
And So I appointed,
And shame,
To my name.

A creature I’d hold,
Responsible for this painful load,



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