No, not really,
More gradual,
And filled with maybe’s,
Long ticks and tocks,
Time getting lazy,
Having given enough,
“Should I leave”, Said Time,
As the two acted crazy,
Drifting in and out of  intimacy,

Fate pleaded, “Time, I pray thee,”
“Don’t hasten what will be,”
So Time waited,
And when Time started to run away,
Fate would say,
“Just a little longer,
Just a little longer, stay,”

Fate became hesitant,
Time was known,
For not waiting,
So Fate called for Hope,
Questioning its intuition,
To which Hope replied,
“Fate, you’ve yet to be mistaken”,
But they both lie in the undercurrent,
Shy to let the tide,
Bring them together,

So Hope left
With Elpis,
Where she met the two,
And created between them,
Something new,

Time had gotten weary,
So as the two began,
Time played its hand,

Leaving the two,
Blissful but blue,
But Hope knew,
If it stayed by Fate,
Like it used to,
Fate may just let,
The pair beset,

Until Time came back,
Giving the couple,
Another chance.


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