‘Tis a tale old.

I stare death in the eye,
For it stands before me,
I haven’t stopped looking,
Yet it seems to falter,
Trying to suck my soul,
But my mind won’t wander
I know it’s trying to play it’s game,
Trying to end my hope,
But my eyes are on it,
Nothing else at all,

I’m an old soul,
It’s come at me,
Time and again,
I’ve stopped fearing it,
The door only opens,
When it’s my time,
Till then death,
Can shine its smile,
But I ain’t going anywhere,
Till I see that door,
For one only opens,
When the other is no more,
And in the match of wits,
Death seems unarmed,
In a match of resilience,
It can do no harm,

After all,
It came to birth,
Once I existed,
So in those terms,
I’m it’s elder sibling,

One that runs on infinitely,
I am who I am for eternity.


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