Don’t be afraid to love

Hello Internet,

Today I wanna talk about something I hope we all share; love.

I like to believe I was born a romantic, born with the sense that all of us had someone out there who would be our other half. This belief stuck with me for a very long time, though it was now clouded by lessons the world had taught me. Break up’s of the worst kind, and seeing so many relationships fail horribly made me question my own beliefs.

If what I was thinking was true, why was it that all these people were suffering?

Why were there relationships failing?

Why would we fall in love with someone that wasn’t our other half, our soul mate?

Soon I too began to take love as a casual affair, used the phrase “I love you”,lightly to describe the simplest of attractions and mutual understandings, I began to think of myself as someone that wasn’t worthy of love. If a person liked me enough, to give me the title of “their girlfriend”, it would suffice because in my head I’d convinced myself “love” , “soulmates”, it was all just a hoax. Love. Ha-Ha.


I repeat,  I  was wrong.

Love is such a beautifully delicate feeling. It requires us not just to feel it but to put in work and effort and make compromises. It enables us to grow individually, along side this other beautiful person. You both would be compliments to one another, and that is why in a relationship, both participants needed to be willing to have the same amount of commitment to their relationship.

We all do have our soul mates in this world, some of us may find them earlier then expected, and some of us later, but the truth is we find our soul mate, when we are destined to meet them.Maybe the choices we make in life help find them faster, or slower but at the end of the day, we will meet them. I repeat this more than often, and I’m sure you all must have heard it too,“Don’t go looking for love, let love find you.”
How I interpret this is, sure you’re gonna fall in love with a lot of people, some may break your heart, some may become acquaintances, but never stop being open to the idea of having love in your life.

I’m sure a lot of us have seen those movies where a guy/girl has stopped believing in love and then the right person comes along and everything changes, but why does it change? It’s because they became open to the idea of having someone actually love them, it’s okay to admit that we want to be loved. We are human beings, and human nature dictates that we are social beings that crave relationships with others.

We all want this one special person in our life, who would be more important than everyone else. We want for them to be our priority and for us to be their’s. It’s perfectly normal to want this, because sure you can hate the notion of sappy romantic relationships, but you can’t ever deny that you do want someone in your life who understands you and put’s you first.

Something I hope for everyone I meet, is that they find love in life. They find the love of their life, the one who will be there for them forever, who will help them eventually be a better person. I may not even know you but I hope and pray that you find someone you love.

To anyone that’s reading this, if you’ve stopped believing in love because you’ve been in failed relationships or seen so many relationships fall apart with messy endings. To you I say, I’m sorry. I was there in your spot and I genuinely know I  would have gone down a horrible path, the way I was thinking about love. I also want to say to you, it exists. It’s a real thing that happens. True love. It’s there and if you want someday it will come knocking at your door and I hope that day you will open it and let yourself be caught in it’s magic.

Of course at the end of all this, I’m just a 16 year old girl who may or may not know better. But either way I’m rooting for all of us to find our person.






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