To the me elsewhere in life.

To the me on the other side.

I just want to tell you people love you.

You may not see it right now.

But with time they will become more visible.

Right now,

Our eyes are fogged up,

All we see is haze.

But let them come closer,

And you will be able to make them out for what they are.

To the me on the edge.

Turn around right now my love.

See the other side of things.

Walk towards the glowing sun,

It’s warmth,

It’s glow,

It’s waiting for you to come take your throne.

You are the queen in your own life,

The main star,

The light.

To the me who sits alone,

Get out our favorite book,


And escape for that moment,

Into the tales of happy endings,

Let yourself believe,

That just like in stories,

Your life won’t end,

Until you are content,

To the me who writes

Believe the words you tell others,

They apply to you as well,

You are strong,

You’ve come so far,

Don’t be afraid to be wrong,

Remember to keep learning,

Until your paths become one,

To the me that sits in between the arms of the one they love,

Remember we did this,

As much as we can attribute this to the world,

The progress is yours.

To the me who’s happy

Aren’t you happy we were proved wrong.





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