Introspecting words

It’s not the rushed air of the wind,

That chills my cheeks,

Neither the Sun’s graceful glow,

That warms them,

It isn’t the luscious foliage,

Or the pulchritudinous sea,

That enable me to feel my freedom,

The beauty in the simplicity of things,

Escapes me,

The beauty within as well,

All I see is the outer walls that were built,

Built to sustain something,

Only they could know and tell,

In the shadows what lurks,

People try to control,

Yet comprehend they cannot.

Why build these walls to hide,

What you can clearly see,

Might as well admit to yourselves

And be who you were meant to be.

Childish notions of calling out one another,

While you can’t look at yourself,

At least I’m honest,

In everything I am,

Yes, the running winds,

Don’t make chills run down my spine,

What does is how humans waste their time,

Planning others’ demise

No the sun’s rays,

Don’t make me feel warm,

What does is the innocence of little children,

That still see the world as their own,

I feel my freedom,

When tomorrow I walk by,

And see people slowly break down their walls,

Smiling genuine smiles,

Letting their hearts bloom,

And understanding one another,

Yet I feel fear when I see just how vulnerable,

This situation could be,

All the possibilities to exploit,

Of both you and me,

So now comes the age old question,

Of what it is we should do.

To be free or not be free,

To be safe or not be safe,

If only we knew,

But decide we must now,

For we still live our lives,

And to live in a certain manner,

Just causes divide,

But could it lead to acceptance,

If we all choose the same,

But then again we are choosing obedience,

Over the freedom of our men.



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