Mental illnesses are real.


Hello internet

I know you all read the title and I’m guessing you all know how passionate I am about this as I too struggle from mental illnesses.

I also know that this topic is being talked about a lot and everyone is more knowledgeable about this now, yet the ignorance is real.

I am not lying. It’s shocking but true.

People have had their children suffer through mental illnesses and eventually these kids commit suicide and the parents’ response to when they were told that their kid was having depression or some other form of mental illness is, “Everyone has their demons, and they should have just learnt to deal with it”.

I shit you not.
This makes me so mad because darling I have had friends who tried to get help, tried so hard to live a healthier life, they asked their parents to get them a psychologist or a psychiatrist to help them with the emotions they were feeling and their parents straight up refused to get them help. They said and I quote” It’s because you want to be sad that you are sad. Just stop feeling sad.”

Just stop feeling sad.

This is why your child needs a specialist. Be smart. If you don’t know what they are dealing with admit to it.
If your child is being persistent that they feel like they are suffering from something they don’t understand, I am here to tell you that they might just be telling you the truth.

If a child shuts you out, dear parents as much as you want to believe it’s all the kid’s fault and they are rebelling against you, there must be some fault of yours. You made your child feel like they could not share with you what they were feeling. You have fault in this situation just as they do.

If you deny your child the right to a doctor or to medication that they might just need to survive what they are going through, then you have no right to say that they are just lashing out. They came to you, they told you what they need and you didn’t even think for a second that their suffering could be real.

If tomorrow your child came home with a fractured leg and told you they needed a doctor, you would instantly take them, at least I hope you will, why not do the same for something that is going on in their mind, in their brain. It is clearly affecting them, the signs are so visible to anyone. Educate yourself on these topics because these are real and serious threats to the human population, especially teenagers.

If your child seems to be showing any of these symptoms that are related to a mental illness, get them help , maybe all will turn out right and they don’t have anything but you can’t rule out the possibility by yourself. Only someone who’s specialized in this world in understanding these issues has the right to tell you if they are truly suffering or not.

I have friends who are uncomfortable with even the thought of telling their parents about how they are feeling because they don’t want to burden them with more issues and problems.

What kind of parent are you if you’ve made your child believe that things they should come to you and talk about is a burden to you?

I know you are stressed too, you have a lot of work on your head, you need to work to keep this family stable and enable them to live a luxurious life but what is any of that worth if your child is slowly succumbing to a dark world where one day the might die only to leave you a note explaining just how miserable the world was making them. What then?

Give them some time.
Show to them that they aren’t a burden.
I am not asking you to shower them with gifts, but maybe everyday early in the morning tell them you love them before you leave, or ask them how their day was, and if they say something that is unexpected to you, how about before you scream and judge and tell them how this is against everything you stand for, you think and try to understand them.

Maybe this whole post is just a naive kid who wanted the very same things from her parents talking to you.

But maybe that is why you should listen.

I am talking to you from a child’s voice.

A child who is trying to seek help in her miserable world.

I am asking you, pleading you, to go and talk to your child every now and then and maybe just listen without giving judgement. That itself is such a blessing.

Let them vent out to you.

Try to understand them and the world they live in.

You expect this from us, why can’t your child expect the same from you.

Take them to a psychologist.

I can only hope that it isn’t anything serious that your child is going through, but if they seem to be reacting to something or you feel like your child is in pain or they tell you that they are in pain or their mind isn’t right or they are going through something they can’t understand, take them to someone who’s devoted their life to understand this and get their feedback.

Anyways the point of this huge rant was mental illnesses are real and maybe, just maybe your child might be trying to tell you they have one too.

Good bye internet.

I hope all will be well in your life.

Get help loves, get help.





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