Just a bit of jibber jabber.

Hello internet ,

It’s been a long time hasn’t it. Hopefully you all are doing beautifully and if you aren’t well I’m here for you if you need it and life will get better, so fake smile and think about the better things in life.

The world is a cruel place. Yes , we all know it. So what? This is still the world we live in so how about we pull ourselves up, get out there and have the time of our lives and do things that make us happy until the day we die. Right now I’m sitting in school writing this post and I find it ridiculous because my end goal is not to have a well paid job and a college degree and a well settled family, it’s to make the most of each day and travel the world. Listen to all the types of the music in the world and embrace different cultures. Make friends from all around the world and keep in touch with them and meet them again and again, but then comes the conundrum I need money. I need it to be able to do all these things. We all want to be rich so we can live the good life , with the luxurious cars and houses and hotel suites but what about the simpler things in life that make us happy. For example I as of now haven’t experienced any more genuine happiness then when I walk into an orphanage and play with the kids, isn’t there something like that in your life that gives you such genuine happiness and has nothing to do with either giving or receiving money. Is there??

I hope there is.

Each one of us here , deserves happiness.  The true kind. The one that makes your heart beat so fast that you need to step back for a while to breathe. The happiness that makes you smile so much your jaw hurts and no , not that fake smile celebrities have that makes their jaws hurt, a true genuine smile. It makes you laugh so much that it hurts your stomach and brings you to tears.  You deserve it all. Everything you want, but sorry you got to work for it.

Anyways Keep smiling Internet.

See ya soon. Hopefully.


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