Pondering on the legitimacy of this society.

Is it weird I question everything I know about this world,
Is it weird that to this day there are still some things left inexplicable,
Is it weird that when one speaks out about these things they are shushed immediately,
Is it weird that no one bats an eye to these things?,
Why is it when I bring up these things,
All that I receive are looks from the elderly,
Quiet murmurs from society,
Friends telling me that I make no sense,
Is it weird to want to know more,
Is it weird to want to know the stuff that’s been hidden from us,
Is it weird to want to scream at the government to tell me it’s lies,
For years and years, I never asked a word,
Followed the path we were supposed to go,
But one day I crossed a fork,
And saw only one person going the other way,
I reached out to her,
Only for her to tremble and mutter silly words,
She spoke about conspiracies against us, Humans,
She spoke about torture,
She told me to question,
If we really know the truth,
Then she left, Left  me to die,
For now, I’m in a spiral,
A spiral of despair,
But I feel as though my mind has never been clearer,
To the things people have said,
Now I question what is the truth,
For all this world really is,
Is a dictator who knows the truth,
Us; all his servants and slaves,
Taking all the words he or she spews,
And convincing ourselves that it is the truth,
Repeating the lies over and over,
Until it becomes the very fabrication of our society.


4 thoughts on “Pondering on the legitimacy of this society.

  1. Bro, this is EXACTLY what EVERYONE can relate to. This just, I mean especially the part where you say that she actually is trembling and muttering silly words. YES. That’s what society does to us when we question, and what you did is our answer back to the society. Now it’s you, tomorrow it will be a group. And till then, your amazing work will need to be going on for us to get inspired!!! :* ❤

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    1. Thank you so much shetty but believe me when I wrote this I did not think about all of the stuff you’re talking about , it was more of a written in the spur of the moment thing.

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