Try it out. Be human.

Shoulders stooped low,

Eyes red,

Hair; a complete mess,

Her dress falling apart,

She limped on the street,

Pleading for help,

Everyone looked,

Everyone heard her cry,

They just stood in place,

Taking their phones out,

Taking pictures,

Making videos,

But not one called an ambulance,

She walked trying to get cars to stop,

Blood trickling down her forehead,

Everyone looked,

Everybody heard her cry,

They just drove past,

Making excuses in their head,

Things they had to urgently go to,

But not one stopped and let her in,

She crawled through the park,

Panting from exhaustion and pain,

Everyone looked,

Everybody heard her cry,

Yet they kept walking,

As though they had suddenly become blind and deaf,

Not one stopped to help her get up,

She collapsed right in front of her apartment,

Close to the doors of death,

Everybody looked,

Everybody heard her silence,

Yet they kept walking in and out,

Gasping at such a gruesome sight,

But not one stopped to check if she was alive.

It’s sad to think that we live in a place such as this,

A person could be walking around,

In need of desperate help,

In urgent need of a doctor,

Yet we see it,

Hear them call out for help,

But what do we do?


We walk by them,

Convincing ourselves its not our problem,

That we have more important things than to help out another human,

Is this is our so called humanity?

We can give lectures and speeches about how human we are,

Yet when it comes to actually doing something human,

We don’t.

And the worst part is we somehow can justify it,

That we can go on to live our lives,

Without feeling regret for not doing something,

Without feeling remorse for not doing something,

Without feeling guilt for not doing something,

This is how “evolved”we have become?


Well if this is humanity,

I’m an alien,

Because I stop the car,

I lend a hand,

I go up to them and see if I can help,

I call an ambulance,

And it’s so rare to actually see this happen,

That it bewilders me,

How about we show how much we have evolved,

By showing compassion,

By showing humanity,

By showing selflessness,

Instead of snootiness,

And selfishness,

And animal like behavior,

Stop gawking at the person,

Get help for them.

Try it out,

It may actually help with your karma,

And if you don’t believe in karma,

At least try it out,

Because the feeling you get once you realise you’ve done something good,

You’ve helped out another person from your own species,

That feeling is beautiful,

It provides you with a sense of epiphany,

So try it out,

Try actually being a human.


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