Wrong. Just Wrong.

Hello internet.

I don’t know who is reading this, where you live or whether this will change your mind set or give you some insight on what is happening but I feel obliged to write this anyways.

A couple years back there was a gang rape case in India and now both one of the convicts and his lawyer have decided to say it was her fault. That she created the scenario which lead to her rape and eventual death, that she is the one to blame not the people who raped her because according to their sick mind sets a man can only rape a woman if she consents it or creates sexual atmosphere.

Well misters I don’t know how you think that a girl going back to her home with her friend (a boy) in the bus created “sexual atmosphere”, how on earth did she  agree to it? Answer me this if she did create a “sexual atmosphere” how come the boy she was with wasn’t the slightest bit aroused, why did he not join in this rape? Tell me mister, you said any boy if given the chance would have raped her, or any girl for the matter of fact then how was it the boy that she was close to, was going back home with was not aroused by the “sexual atmosphere” she created.

She shouldn’t have to tried to escape she should have just let it happen. WTF! She should just let them rob her virginity and even if she wasn’t a virgin, she should have just let them do something that is so intimate, so emotional, something you only share with someone you deeply love. She should have just let the gang of guys do that to her? What kind of absolute nonsense is that? Does your brain fail to function. NO. No woman,man,girl or boy should just let someone rape them,just let unknown strangers scar you like that for the rest of you life. I believe something you said was that before people who raped would say great rape her and leave her but now because there is a death penalty on people who rape they will rape her and kill her, so are you saying we should not put these convicts on the death penalty, we should just let them go away free.

A girl is a fragile flower and it is the job of men , boys to protect her isn’t that what you said? Then why was the boy who was beaten up , beaten up in the first place? Why was your client doing nothing to protect this fragile flower?

If a girl wears a short dress or a pair of shorts it does not mean she is asking for it, but lets just say if what you say was true then what about the thousands of other women who have been raped when they were wearing bhurkas,suits, saris aren’t these the same clothes as those worn by your mothers and grand mothers. These ladies were wearing the clothes you said are adequate for woman to be wearing, then why did they get raped?

If a woman or a girl stays out late it does not mean she is asking for it, she could be a hard working woman, maybe she has a family that she needs to provide, even if she is a girl who has gone out to party and she is coming home late it does not mean she was asking for it but again if what you are saying is true then why are there woman, girls abducted before 5 pm who have been raped.

Your justification for rape is completely nonsensical and people of India are ashamed of you.

This kind of thinking is no longer acceptable and if anyone you know agrees with this man’s foul statements , slap them , beat them,kick them and maybe this is just a naive kid speaking but they should be killed , there is no place for this kind of mind set in the world, there should be no more acceptance for these things.

Anyone who rapes should be killed,or cut of their rape tools and let it be known in all hospitals that no one should help these people in the whole world, they should be humiliated, they should be insulted, they should feel the wrath of each and every woman and man and boy and girl on this planet.

India let the people of India see this documentary,people need to know this is not acceptable, they should fear the consequences of raping a woman, a girl , a boy , a man. People need to know that this is wrong , people need to see that the government is taking these things seriously,  the more you try to hide these things the more it will explode out in the whole world. If you are scared of what people will think of India if they watch this video well you can’t deny it, this is what India is as of now but you can show that you accept this is what India is and that we, the government , the people will change this.

Revoke the ban on this documentary.

Spread the message and if you meet any foul person like this convict and his lawyer slap them, slap them so hard that their brain is knocked to senses and they see that this is wrong .

Teach the future generations that it is wrong to rape, and that under no circumstances is anyone ever asking for it. Teach that there will be harmful consequences for anyone who attempts to or does rape anyone. Teach that there is no acceptance of these things.

Teach that what is wrong will always remain wrong and never can it be justified.

Good bye internet.


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